Almy, Gloudemans, Jacobs & Denne
Property Taxation and Assessment Consultants
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Almy, Gloudemans, Jacobs & Denne (formerly Almy, Gloudemans & Jacobs) is a partnership formed in 1991. The firm works exclusively in property tax and assessment administration, chiefly for governments and related institutions. It provides analysis of property tax policy, legislation, and technical issues; structured evaluations of property tax systems and practices; help with strategic planning, business process engineering, system design, and project management; technical specifications, manuals, and course materials; training; mass appraisal modeling and value defense; and help with integration of property tax, land titling, and geographic information systems.

Its partners are Richard R. Almy, Robert J. Gloudemans, and Robert C. Denne. They have had considerable practical experience and have had leadership roles in the development of professional standards.

7630 North 10th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85021, USA
Telephone: 1-602-870-9368
Fax: 1-602-861-2114