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Following are samples of some of our many publications. (All documents are provided as PDF files.)

Reports for Clients

Analysis of Assessment Practices
Prepared for State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Analysis of Fulton County Board of Assessors Property Tax System
Prepared for Fulton County Board of Assessors
Commercial Real Estate Assessment Process Examination
Prepared for the City of Norfolk Executive Department, Office of Budget and Management
Performance Evaluation of Property Tax Functions
Prepared for Idaho State Tax Commission
Reappraisal Performance Analysis
Prepared for City of Regina
Recommendations for COD Standards
Prepared for New York State Office of Real Property Services
Report of Findings and Recommendations on CAMA Systems
Prepared for the Wyoming Department of Revenue Ad Valorem Tax Division
Report on Assessment Process Review: Residential Reassessment Processes
Prepared for City of Virginia Beach Department of Management Services
Report on Development of 2010 Time Adjustment Factors
Prepared for Florida Department of Revenue Property Tax Oversight Division
Review of Arkansas Field Audit Operations
Prepared for Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department
Review of Arkansas Sales Ratio and Equalization Studies
Prepared for Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department
Review of Base-Year 2006 MRA Models
Prepared for Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
Review of Detailed Assessment Audit Program
Prepared for Alberta Municipal Affairs Local Government Services Division Assessment Services Branch
Review of Ratio Studies and Assessment Oversight Processes
Prepared for Louisiana Tax Commission
Review of Valuation Practices
Prepared for the Land Registry of Iceland Ministry of Finance
Review of Valuation Procedures
Prepared for England Valuation Office
Study of Equalization Procedures
Prepared for Vermont Department of Taxes Property Valuation and Review Division
Time Trend and Ratio Study Analyses
Prepared for Montana Department of Revenue

Other Publications

Adjusting for Time in Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
AVM Model Building Study - Skinning the Cat
The Coefficient of Price-Related Bias: A Measure of Vertical Equity
Combined Residential & Commercial Models for a Sparsely Populated Area
A Comparison of Additive, Multiplicative, and Hybrid Residential Models
A Comparison of Citywide Additive, Multiplicative, and Hybrid Condo Models
Comparison of Median and Weighted Mean Ratio Estimators
Confidence Intervals for the COD: Limitations and Solutions
Domestic Revaluation in Northern Ireland
Effective Appraisal in Hot Real Estate Markets
An Empirical Analysis of the Incidence of Location on Land and Building Values
An Empirical Evaluation of Alternative Land Valuation Models
An Empirical Evaluation of Central Tendency Measures
Evaluating Compliance with COD Standards
Feasibility Study of CAMA for Apartment and Commercial Property
Impact of Creative Financing on Rental Residential Property
Implementing a Land Value Tax in Urban Residential Communities
Improving the Valuation of Large Commercial Properties
Market Calibration of Cost Models
The PRB and Other Potential Successors to the Flawed PRD as a Measure of Vertical Assessment Inequity
Quantifying Potential Accuracy of the Income Approach in Utility Valuation
Real Estate Bubbles and the Economic Crises
A Statewide Ratio Study Using Generic Software
Survey of Personal Property Valuation Methods
Using General Purpose Software for Mass Appraisal
Valuation of Small Industrial Properties Using MRA